Shifting to Miracles with ACIM

These next few blog entries are going to focus on A Course in Miracles (ACIM).

ACIM is a set of three books – the text, a workbook of 365 meditations, and a manual for teachers containing questions & answers about ACIM.  To be a student of the course is simply to read these books.

What is a miracle?  ACIM teaches us that it is simply a shift in perception.  The key to making this shift is to be willing to see things differently.  When we are, and when we bring this willingness to God, then we can experience a radical shift in the way we see ourselves, and the world, that is truly miraculous.

The miracle may not change the circumstances in our lives or in a particular situation, and understanding this is important to allowing miracles to flow freely.  Living a miraculous life is not about manipulating the world of form.  It is about inviting God into our lives, and allowing Him to alter the way we see and relate to the world. By seeing the world and each other as God would have us see, we are not dependent upon circumstances.

One of my first experiences with this involved a troublesome relationship with a co-worker.  Nothing I seemed to do improved the relationship.  His resentment brought up anger in me, and I was convinced that it was really his problem, and I couldn’t help how he felt.  Then one day I decided that I was willing to see things differently.  I decided that I truly wanted a better relationship with this man, and though I didn’t know how to create it, I knew that God did.  I surrendered all of my judgements and perceptions to God, and asked Him to enter into the relationship.  I can’t explain what happened next, because outwardly nothing changed, though my whole experience with him was forever changed.  The bitterness was replaced by kindness, and we grew to genuinely enjoy each other. Within a few months he received an unexpected and exciting job opportunity, and left.

We parted as friends. Although on the surface nothing seemed to change, I know that my prayer and surrender shifted the way that I saw him, and created the space for friendship. Therein lies the miracle.  Once I surrendered my beliefs about the way things should be, and allowed God to be present, I made room for a miracle.

Daily Meditation:  Today I am willing to see as God would have me see.

Copyright © 2008, Lisa Wagner

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