Epic blog

Welcome to the Epic Meditations blog.  Epic Meditations is the name of my CD of 11 guided meditations, each with a very specific purpose. They all begin and end with a short piece of music and some deep breaths.  This helps to guide you into and out of the meditation.  Here’s a description of each meditation:

Rejuvenate uses the color imagery of the seven chakras to help you feel rejuvenated and replenished.

Releasing Resentment can help anyone that is ready and willing to release resentment. It can be particularly helpful in dealing with old anger and frustration that has been carried for years.

Knowing Your Truth guides you to create a moment of truth. This practice is particularly helpful in dealing with situations or issues where you feel conflicted or confused. Creating a private moment of truth can bring clarity to any situation, and provide the basis for deeper insight.

Setting an Intention walks you through the process of identifying and choosing intentions. Holding a clear intention is a powerful tool in creating your best life.

Acting From Love helps you to uncover the most loving action available in any situation. It delves into some of the differences between acting out of love versus guilt or fear, and helps you to understand the power of honoring the most loving action.

Owning Your Choice is intended to help you feel empowered by acknowledging and understanding the presence of choice.

Quieting Your Mind will guide you to take a moment and quiet your mind.

Sending Love guides you to send love to people you care about, particularly when they are in need. This practice benefits the recipient of the loving energy as well as fills you with a feeling of peace.

Affirming Peace is a short meditation designed to bring you back to a state of peace through a series of affirmations.

Affirming Joy is a short meditation that helps you to return to a more joyful place through a series of affirmations.

Breathing guides you through a series of 5 deep breaths. Learning to slowly and gently take deep breaths is a powerful tool in stress reduction. Creating a peaceful moment can help anyone to diffuse anger, relieve stress, and find meaningful focus.