Website Feng Shui

My website needed a redo. It’s been years since my last major update and while I was kind of into the simple thing then, I’ve been feeling like I needed something prettier. Something that looked a bit more 2019. I mean it wasn’t exactly 1990s angelfire (anyone old enough to remember those sites), but it was in serious need of a refresh.

So it is refreshed and I LOVE it. I really love it. I hope you will too. If you take a peek, let me know what you think

I’ve also decided to start building an email list. To get it rolling, I’m providing Quiet Moment, one of my guided meditations when you sign up. It’s less than 3 minutes and is a great way to quickly clear and calm your mind. Check it out here.

It’s summer here in North America. I’m headed back outside. Have a beautiful day!